Interesting story…

and history lesson. I first highlighted this story back in May on the Facebook page UYJ

Rather interesting piece of history, uncovering the trade links between Egypt and Europe centuries ago. But also highlighting the fact that even back then, jewelry was an important part of human adornment. It is noted that royals were buried in lavish necklaces, bracelets anklets and amulets. Some of the more prized and favored stones were lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet, carnelian, obsidian and rock crystal. Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue semi-precious stone, is said to have been precious during the Nordic Late Bronze Age. Historians in this field also contend that blue was the color of royalty of many ancient cultures.

What I find most impressive and would certainly love to know, is the reason for the stones making their way to Europe. That they were supposedly of royal genus, made by King Tut’s personal glass maker is important to solving this mystery and raises many questions: – Were they specially commissioned by the King for the purpose of trade specifically? Bartering? Maybe a gift to a fair lady? Lost or stolen?

Yes, the mind does begin to wander a bit. What a wonderful world we live in!


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