Faceted Purples

These agates are one of my favourite beads! I love the mix ย of purples, pinks and blues and how it easy it is to pair with other beads or materials.

These three bracelets were made using the leftover beads from this project.

Unfortunately, these are already spoken for ๐Ÿ™‚ but similar pieces start from BDS$45/US$22.50.


This one has a bail and two silver tubes


Agate charm bracelet


The third one is the Agate and pearl combo with the big butterfly charm

Which one of the three is your fave? Share your thoughts with us!!

Thank you!

—Tasha, UYJ

*P.S. ย The quality of the photos is not the best as I was without the camera and had to rely on my phone. But, I hope they are clear enough.