Clasps: Toggles

The toggle clasp is by far the most popular of all the closure findings I use on pieces, mostly on bracelets.

Ladies comment on how easy it is to close a bracelet or necklace with a toggle clasp than it is with most other types of clasps; say for example a lobster clasp. They add a certain classiness  and decorative quality to a piece of jewelry.

Toggle clasps consist of two components: –  a ‘T’ bar and a loop-shaped piece. The ‘T’ bar is slim, yet thick enough to slip through the opposite end and long enough to fit effortlessly across the face of the looped opening. These bars come in many shapes such as fish, branches and other fancier shaped designs.  The second piece with the open face can also be equally fancy, formed like flowers, triangles, hearts and circles, just to name a few.

I find that toggles work better on heavier pieces of jewelry as the weight works to ensure that the ‘T’ bar stays in place. Nevertheless, excessive movement may cause the ‘T’ bar to slide through the loop. I find this particular true with bracelets. So be mindful of this when choosing a clasp.

The toggle I used in the main photo is a simpler design and does not take away from the beauty of the focal sand dollar pendant.

The photos below give further examples of toggle clasps and were pulled from the WWW.

Thanks for reading!!

—Tasha, UYJ


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