Accessorizing | Earrings

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

These dazzling designs make a standout addition to your collection of earrings. The list of components include: –

  • Gemstones – Amazonite, Amethyst, Prehnite
  • Fresh water pearls
  • Non-tarnish jewelry wire
  • Sterling silver and stainless ear wires
  • Matte gold-plated metal

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Green Agate | Available for Purchase

Eyes will be drawn immediately to the focal point of this leather-styled choker. A stunning, faceted smokey greenish-brown Agate is flanked on either side by a crystal bead and a white fresh water pearl. Attached to jump rings is a doubled brown leather cord which is used to fasten at the neck.   Continue reading

Of Agates and Gifts

Birthdays are special occasions. Time for celebrations with family and friends, and for giving gorgeous gifts!

Client requested a gift that was equally chic as it was unique. This combo featured gold luster leather cord for both the bracelet and necklace.

The timeless design of the bracelet and its versatility makes a sure bet for any day of the week. The three strand design gives robust support for the delicate coral-hued agate, with its large veins throughout. The brass toned clasp makes it easy to close. There are a number of gold components including two spiral gold spacers which are wire-wrapped on either side of the focal agate.

The statement necklace is equally striking. The coral-hued stone is up front and center and is securely wire-wrapped onto a single cord. On either side are strategic embellishments – Tibetan dzi agates, spiral spacers and caramel-coloured glass discs. To fasten the necklace, one end of the gold cord forms a loop which is placed over a glass bead. Continue reading

Agates. On repeat. | Available for purchase

I love living in an environment rich in vibrant, lively, festive colours! It’s natural living in the Caribbean. And in jewelry making, I am equally attracted to colours which make me feel excited!

This agate quickly became a fave of mine. I love the colour, the transparency of the stone, its glossy feel and solid shape. It can be amped up and used with other stones or left to play on its own. Continue reading

Tassel Love

Tassels are not new on the fashion landscape and can come in so many colours, lengths and intricate details. At UYJ, the gauntlet being handed down, here is my take on tassel love! Each tassel is handmade from different fibres purchased from local stores here in Barbados.

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Magnesite Trio Choker | Available for Purchase

A trio of majestic Magnesite stones form the focal point for this choker-styled necklace.

The focal is attached to black leather cord by silver jump rings. The allure of this piece is the natural individuality of each stone. The stones are neither uniformed in size nor shape, each having its own texture and appeal.

This whimsical, attention-grabbing piece is available for purchase and is affordably priced!

Interested in owning this style of necklace, please contact me, my details are listed just below these stunning photos:-




Contact – or leave me a brief message in the box below. Thanks!

—Tasha, UYJ

Cheat Sheet – Magnesite

Hi everyone!

How are you today?  Welcome to another Cheat Sheet blog post! 

Each post will feature a new stone and brief description. If there are pieces in my portfolio which include these stones, they will be featured as well. 

Today we look at Magnesite.  Continue reading

No matter the title, I wish you…



Today ought to be like any other day for loving – showing love, kindness, extending a helping hand, encouraging someone, giving a compliment, tying that shoelace, giving your mum a call, kissing your child on the forehead. February 14 is another day to love. Love doesn’t need a special day. It needs to be shown, demonstrated, felt.

So, I wish you love today and always!


—Tasha, UYJ

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Cheat Sheet – Lapis Lazuli

Welcome to another Cheat Sheet blog post. The last post focused on Amazonite – so take a look at that post!

Each post will feature a new stone and brief description. If there are pieces in my portfolio which include these stones, they will be featured as well. 

Today we look at Lapis Lazuli.

Let’s learn together!

The variety of Lapis Lazuli which I most frequently see is the matte kind. My first impression was that it reminded me of Sodalite, however, the hues of blue are much darker. Lapis Lazuli is also much more expensive.

  • Can simply go by the name Lapis.
  • It is said that ‘lapis’ means stone in Latin.
  • The Egyptians used Lapis. King Tut’s burial mask was decorated with Lapis. There is an interesting article I featured in 2016 on Lapis and the Egyptian King.
  • It is referred to as the blue stone.
  • Said to be stone of protection and creativity.
  • Primarily mined in the Middle East, namely Afghanistan. However, deposits are traced as far away as Argentina.

Below is an example of my work using Lapis Lazuli.

GENTS BRACELET – made using 8mm matte Lapis and two 10mm focal Sodalite. A sun bead and four small sterling silver beads are used as spacers. Made by Uniquely Yours by Tasha.

If there are is other information you can share on Lapis or if you are a designer, why not share your work with the readers here on UYJ.

—Tasha, UYJ


*Main photo taken from the The Healing Chest

Disclaimer – This post reflects the information gleaned from reading. Therefore the views expressed by individual websites are solely their assertions. I do not ascribe to nor have I tested nor can verify the properties of these stones. —Tasha


One Lovely Blog Award

Guess what?
Uniquely Yours has been nominated for two awards. The first is the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you so much Sarah from the The Work in Progress for nominating me!
It is my turn to nominate other blogs and share just seven things about myself. To see if you were nominated check below and also check out the rules.
The rules are:-
  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Post the award
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7 facts about myself
  • I enjoy traveling. Whether by plane, train or bus. A rolling stone gathers no moss!
  • I am trilingual.
  • I am afraid of rabbits and peacocks.
  • Enjoy meeting people, making new friends, hanging out, making new experiences
  • My father was instrumental in my chosen career. He was the first to introduce me to international affairs, politics and the world!
  • I have scoliosis. Very, very slight. Seen only by the trained eye.
  • I love food – trying new restaurants, dishes, drinks.
My choices are:
Settle in El Paso
Doubleduty Mom 101
Pearl Necklace
Thanks again Sarah!!!!
—Tasha, UYJ