My thoughts on UYJ at the Garden Party – St. James Parish Church, Feb 4, 2017

You may recall I shared this poster on Garden Party time! and also shared a few posts about craft fair preparation, display tips and the like. So here’s my take on the event!

I had a good  no, great time! It was my first time at that event and I felt it was well-organised. In speaking with a repeat entrepreneur to the event, she shared that attendance had waned over the years, but I took that in stride and never let it dampen my day.

Kudos to the committee of the St. James Parish Church for putting on a good show! The music and food were good, lots of people and what lovely sunshine! Thank you, Lord 🙂

Preliminary thoughts

The preparation was intensive and I also watched how ideas evolved and took on new meaning.  I thought of previous experiences where I felt I could have saved my time and not show up. But after this event, I understand what others mean when they say that the demographic plays a big part.

Previous events offered a more low-key, flea market kind of atmosphere. The Garden Party was held on the West Coast of Barbados, known for beautiful scenery, affluence and larger than life crowd. So my gemstone and pearl offerings fitted in well.

The experience gained – PRICELESS! From setting up tent with a friend to the friends who came to sharing the experience with my daughter. It was indeed priceless!

New things I tried

  • Remember those experiences that I thought were bad? Well this time, I decided to make bracelets of a lower price point for patrons  who might not be inclined to purchase gemstones or other higher ticketed pieces. There was small number of items on sale at BDS$15/US$7.50 and under. So those ‘bad experiences’ were my teachable moments and stepping stones!
  • I had two tables – one 4ft and the other 6ft. This allowed me to spread the merchandise out and allowed me some wiggle room for display mannequins.
  • Tried new display ideas. Pinterest is full of ideas and I decided to try two – paper cones and wood pedestals.
  • I  removed the pressure of expectations. As artists we want to have everything sold. Well, I do anyway.  I can remember feeling very dejected when sales did not go according to my ideas. Therefore, I decided not to put that pressure on myself and purposed to enjoy the day for whatever might happen. Living in the moment made much more sense. I was more at ease on the day and I interacted more with patrons who stopped by.

What would I do differently?

  • Although I pride myself on not duplicating work, I found that I could have offered different designs using the same stone or bead. So whatever event I decide to do next I will keep that in mind.


These  tips readily come to mind but I will share if others crop up over the next few days.

If you are an artist, entrepreneur, photography, chef, etc. and participate in craft fairs and other similar events, what has y.our experience been like? I would love it if you share your experiences with me and visitors to the site!

Thanks so much!!

—Tasha, UYJ



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