Cheat Sheet – Magnesite

Hi everyone!

How are you today?  Welcome to another Cheat Sheet blog post! 

Each post will feature a new stone and brief description. If there are pieces in my portfolio which include these stones, they will be featured as well. 

Today we look at Magnesite. 

Let’s learn together!

  • Looks similar to Turquoise
  • The most common form of Magnesite is white
  • Magnesite is a mineral, magnesium carbonate that has the same crystal structure as calcite
  • Said to be a relaxing and calming stone
  • Being a porous gem, it can be dyed in many beautiful colours
  • Magnesite is often used to make fireworks because of its magnesium-rich formula

Below are examples of my work using Magnesite.


Magnesite Trio necklace on leather



Bracelets with Magnesite stones



Magnesite bracelet with toggle clasp


Looking forward to your feedback on this post! Like, comment and share your work, too!

—Tasha, UYJ


*Main image found here

Disclaimer – This post reflects the information gleaned from reading. Therefore the views expressed by individual websites are solely their assertions. I do not ascribe to nor have I tested nor can verify the properties of these stones.


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