Hi! My name is Tasha.

Welcome to my little corner, my space for artistic expression. I have always loved jewelry – which girly-girl does not? I come from a family where the women are full of life and vitality, expressed in their choice of colours for jewelry and fabrics.

Did I mention – I love jewelry?! I love chunky necklaces and bracelets, and fun colours! Albeit, making my own on this scale is something long overdue. Looking back now, it was meant to happen.

I find a release in the creativity, the brainstorming and conceptualizing in my mind’s eye. I find satisfaction in trying to put a piece of myself into what I do.There is so much to learn and a ways to go to develop this gift I am given.

Someday, I want to master the art of being a metal-smith. I want to learn how to solder and make beautiful creations of art with silver and other metals. And deep inside, just like I have journeyed to this point, I know I will fulfil that goal, too:)