Welcome, Friends!!

Even though jewelry is the focus of this site and a form artistic expression I am very passionate about, I also enjoy photography and writing, to a lesser degree. These three skills go hand in hand on UYJ, so I welcome any opportunities I can get to improve the overall product.


For 2017, I decided to become more involved on my blog and to further explore the creative side of who I am. My love for jewelry led me to make my own pieces, no longer for myself, but for others to enjoy.

There is so much to us as human beings outside of our work self, family and social roles. Even though these roles are important, sometimes solace comes when we can step back, breathe and take a personal timeout.


UYJ THE BLOG is my space for further artistic expression – blogging, writing, sharing my photography.

I invite you to get active this year, too. Write, blog, cook, bake, paint. Find that latent gift that has been teasing you all along and just allow it develop. Life is for the living!!

Hop over to UYJ-THE BLOG! Like, share your comments and your posts, too!

Thank you and have a great day!!

—Tasha ❤



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