Handful of Bracelets | Available for Purchase

This is a beautiful lot of bracelets featuring a variety of radiant beads, intricate designs and fab fashion! The beads are either glass or crystal. One also features fresh water pearls.

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—Tasha, UYJ



The first blue treasure comprises fresh water pearls, beautiful blue agates and a cluster of glass beads as the focal.

The second is a string of lovely glass beads with a purple, blue and green tones.




Interested? Drop me a message using any of the following, I will be happy to assist: –

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Thank you for your interest! It is a pleasure to serve you!


—Tasha, UYJ



Colour coded – Icy Blues

When compared to red, blue is a little more calming, soothing; and, it is one of my favorite colours.

Different shaped beads, sizes and hues of blues make this stack of three charming and very appealing to the eye.

Two charms depict water a theme – small fish and dolphin. The other charm is the treble clef, for the music lovers out there.

These bracelets are still available for purchase. For further details, please use the form below or contact directly via tasha76d@gmail.com

—Tasha, UYJ