Anchor Away! #sold

Hi all! Thanks for your comments on the last set of pieces I posted. I appreciate your feedback tremendously.

This next bracelet was part and parcel of my work showcased at the Garden Party and sold. At UYJ, I like to offer options and to challenge myself to do new things, seemingly more time consuming things, too 🙂  But there is much joy in completing what at first seemed difficult.

If you like and are interested in owning something similar or in different colours perhaps, drop me a line!! I’d be happy to assist.

*Base price BDS$45/US$22.50


Thanks for viewing!

—Tasha, UYJ


Charm bracelet – Available

Fresh water pearls and enticing amethyst and purple tones adorn a satin finished chain. This bracelet of little dangles has a gold tones heart locket with a similarly colored lobster clasp for closure.


Interested in purchasing this piece?  Use the contact for below or email Gifts will be packaged and ready for you!

—Tasha, UYJ

Glitter magic!


Brightens our lives! These two stackable bracelets comprise faceted agates and crystal beads, paired with gold tube beads. A single jasmine charm hangs effortlessly from one of of the bracelets.

Did I mention? I love turquoise!

Available for Christmas gift from our 2016 Christmas Bracelet collection and affordably priced. Stackables are sold at BDS$30/US$15 each in a set. May be purchased individually for BDS$40/US$20.

—Tasha, UYJ





Arm Candy

Hi there!!

Some of the pieces in this collection are still available. It is a small collection as I tend to keep just a few pieces in stock. The photos below give a snapshot of the color scheme and bead texture.

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Duo purple stackers

This pair of purple bracelets is perfect for any occasion. Elegantly casual or business-bound, chose either the stretch bracelet or the version on jewelry wire if you want a modest look . Or, wear them together for that trendy, fashion forward appeal!


PRICING: BDS$30 ea./US$15.00 ea.


—Tasha, UYJ

Tree of Life

Magnesite and Pewter

Working with this stone has been particularly interesting. In spite of the heaviness of the stones, it is still very possible to string them in a variety of ways.

Five Mag stones are connected with jump rings and close with a fancy pewter toggle clasp. The tree of life pewter charm dangles from one end of the bracelet.




—Tasha, UYJ