Grandma’s Sweet boy

I have an idea how much grandmothers can dote on their grandchildren. Being a mother of one special daughter, I am well aware of the adventures, ins and outs of that bond.

This Christmas gift was done for one special boy to his Grandma.

Here’s to Grandmas, MeMes, Nanas, Abuelitas, Bibis, Grannies, MawMaws and Grand-grands everywhere!



—Tasha, UYJ


My final stash

The next set of posts will show all the AVAILABLE pieces. Even though today is designated the final day for custom orders, any of these items can be bought as they are completed pieces.

To make it easier, a contact form is present for each of those posts. It is my first time using them. So, you can declare your interest using that form and I will contact you in return.

Here is one of my favourites made during the week: –





Ok! So I added two! 🙂 🙂

Also bear in mind that Old Year’s/New Year’s is approaching so there will be a few more items added next week as well!

*Remember, the next pieces will be marked AVAILABLE – Ready to be sold as is. Items will be packaged.

—Tasha, UYJ 


Not red and green

I grew up seeing the Christmas colours being red and green. However, I believe that fashion is fluid and as such, we can add or take away colours as we see fit!

So unveiling the first batch of Christmas Bracelets from the 2016 Collection. A mix of materials and components worthy of any wardrobe or fashion detail!

These are attractively priced and start from BDS$40/US$20.

Contact and I will be more than happy to have your order ready.

—Tasha, UYJ

For Him…

Completed and ready for Christmas,

Wrist candy for the guys!

Prices start from $40. To learn more please email Uniquely Yours via

Thank you! Looking forward to helping you make that special selection for Christmas!!

—Tasha,  UYJ

Quirky little owl!

He flew in just in time for Christmas gifts!

This cute find is done in an enameled style and strung on a chain measuring 2.5 ft. The chain is long enough for the wearer slip the necklace over their head without having to worry about clasping it.

The owl has the traditional big eyes and his body is adorned in beautiful, bright and cheery colors.

He is simply adorable!

PRICING: Attractively priced and won’t be around for very long. So email your queries to


—Tasha, UYJ