2017 Colour Coded campaign – Take a glance

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.”— C. S. Lewis

Today’s post features all of the currently available pieces for the 2017 Colour Coded Campaign here on UYJ. I ┬áhave listed them in the main tab bar of the website 2017 Colour Coded, and to the right column under Menu. To the below pictures, I have added a selection of previously unsold jewelry from Christmas 2016.

Each design was made by yours truly, Natasha (or Tasha as I am usually called) and will certainly make lovely gifts or for your own pleasure.

The caption beneath each photo takes you directly to the relevant post.

For details on pricing and other information, please drop me an email at tasha76d@gmail.com or use the form provided below.

Thank you and have a lovely day!

—Tasha, UYJ


Colour Coded – Crazy Blue

These components of gemstone, fresh water pearl and silver sun coin make an image of harmony and beauty.

The blue crazy lace agate is an altered gemstone bead as the crazy lace is predominantly white with layers of grey and brown, for example. The streaks of brown and hues of grey are visible on this particular strand of bead. The white potato fresh water pearls and the silver sun coins enhance the bracelet.


This bracelet is available for purchase. To place your order, fill the form below or contact via email tasha76d@gmail.com

—Tasha, UYJ

Colour Coded -Fun with purple

I read somewhere that it is a little difficult to pin down an exact definition of the colour purple and that there is just not one specific name for the shade we call purple – colours between red and blue on the colour wheel.

As you can see, these three bracelets are surely examples of the above assertion. Not being a colour expert myself, yet very much a lover of the colour purple, these three bracelets are in honour of that majestic colour!





These bracelets are still available for purchase. For further details, please use the form below or contact directly via tasha76d@gmail.com

—Tasha, UYJ

Colour Coded – Dulzura

This duo is probably my favourite so far for 2017 Colour Coded.

I love the combination of earthy tones of mocha; amber for the golden sun; deep bluey cobalt for the waters around my island; amethyst tones for the vibrancy of the people. The crystal clear beads add neutrality.

The bracelets are available as a pair and will definitely be a conversation starter when worn with any outfit. Don’t miss out!



The Gold bar bracelet is sold!

Email tasha76d@gmail.com.


—Tasha, UYJ

Colour coded – Icy Blues

When compared to red, blue is a little more calming, soothing; and, it is one of my favorite colours.

Different shaped beads, sizes and hues of blues make this stack of three charming and very appealing to the eye.

Two charms depict water a theme – small fish and dolphin. The other charm is the treble clef, for the music lovers out there.

These bracelets are still available for purchase. For further details, please use the form below or contact directly via tasha76d@gmail.com

—Tasha, UYJ