Tassel Love

Tassels are not new on the fashion landscape and can come in so many colours, lengths and intricate details. At UYJ, the gauntlet being handed down, here is my take on tassel love! Each tassel is handmade from different fibres purchased from local stores here in Barbados.

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Colour Coded -Fun with purple

I read somewhere that it is a little difficult to pin down an exact definition of the colour purple and that there is just not one specific name for the shade we call purple – colours between red and blue on the colour wheel.

As you can see, these three bracelets are surely examples of the above assertion. Not being a colour expert myself, yet very much a lover of the colour purple, these three bracelets are in honour of that majestic colour!





These bracelets are still available for purchase. For further details, please use the form below or contact directly via tasha76d@gmail.com

—Tasha, UYJ

Getting it twisted

Four strand twisted necklace with a variety of beads in tones of purple. Silver bead caps are used to finish this piece with a pair of earrings which show just a little edginess with the sterling silver dangles.

Multi-strand necklaces are beautiful but can be a little time consuming. But practice makes perfect and I added a little twist. Literally. Manipulating the strands to create this lovely statement piece.

A beautiful surprise for the recipient on her birthday today!!

*This necklace is customizable. To contact for details, please fill in the form below or email your queries to tasha76d@gmail.com

—Tasha, UYJ


Bronze statement – Sold

Glass pearls have been the strong contender for most requested bead for this Season. This set is available for purchase. It is a three strand necklace with matching earrings and simple bracelet.

Interested in purchasing this statement piece?  Use the contact for below or email tasha76d@gmail.com. Gifts will be packaged and ready for you!

—Tasha, UYJ

My final stash

The next set of posts will show all the AVAILABLE pieces. Even though today is designated the final day for custom orders, any of these items can be bought as they are completed pieces.

To make it easier, a contact form is present for each of those posts. It is my first time using them. So, you can declare your interest using that form and I will contact you in return.

Here is one of my favourites made during the week: –





Ok! So I added two! 🙂 🙂

Also bear in mind that Old Year’s/New Year’s is approaching so there will be a few more items added next week as well!

*Remember, the next pieces will be marked AVAILABLE – Ready to be sold as is. Items will be packaged.

—Tasha, UYJ 


Christmas orders

Thanks so much to my loyal customers and to new found friends. I truly appreciate your kind words, challenges 🙂 and of course, that you chose me to make you something precious for the Season.

This quick note is to remind that the date for final orders with deliveries/pickup for Christmas Eve is fast approaching – THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2016.

It’s not terribly late though if you wish to contact me for your special order. The email address remains – tasha76d@gmail.com. Whether it is something specific on the site or you wish to have a something similar made to what is showcased here, let me know.

Thank you!!!


—Tasha, UYJ