Accessorizing | Earrings

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

These dazzling designs make a standout addition to your collection of earrings. The list of components include: –

  • Gemstones – Amazonite, Amethyst, Prehnite
  • Fresh water pearls
  • Non-tarnish jewelry wire
  • Sterling silver and stainless ear wires
  • Matte gold-plated metal

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Colour Coded -Fun with purple

I read somewhere that it is a little difficult to pin down an exact definition of the colour purple and that there is just not one specific name for the shade we call purple – colours between red and blue on the colour wheel.

As you can see, these three bracelets are surely examples of the above assertion. Not being a colour expert myself, yet very much a lover of the colour purple, these three bracelets are in honour of that majestic colour!





These bracelets are still available for purchase. For further details, please use the form below or contact directly via

—Tasha, UYJ

Getting it twisted

Four strand twisted necklace with a variety of beads in tones of purple. Silver bead caps are used to finish this piece with a pair of earrings which show just a little edginess with the sterling silver dangles.

Multi-strand necklaces are beautiful but can be a little time consuming. But practice makes perfect and I added a little twist. Literally. Manipulating the strands to create this lovely statement piece.

A beautiful surprise for the recipient on her birthday today!!

*This necklace is customizable. To contact for details, please fill in the form below or email your queries to

—Tasha, UYJ