Getting it twisted

Four strand twisted necklace with a variety of beads in tones of purple. Silver bead caps are used to finish this piece with a pair of earrings which show just a little edginess with the sterling silver dangles.

Multi-strand necklaces are beautiful but can be a little time consuming. But practice makes perfect and I added a little twist. Literally. Manipulating the strands to create this lovely statement piece.

A beautiful surprise for the recipient on her birthday today!!

*This necklace is customizable. To contact for details, please fill in the form below or email your queries to

—Tasha, UYJ




These three pairs of earrings comprise a number of different components and move away from the usual silver materials I tend to use. But I always find brass metal and copper refreshing to work with especially on earrings.


Copper and brass metal

These little gems are priced at BDS$35/US$7.50 and make pretty gifts. Earrings will be boxed once ordered.

—Tasha, UYJ


Just a photo with some of my personal collection. The bracelet with the large beads I made recently. Bought the beads from Bead Weavers store in Christ Church. They had a small lot of mixed beads so this scheme worked out well.

Stacking really is nothing new nor does it take a whole lot of thinking or science behind it. For me, sometimes I pick a bracelet based on colour and my outfit for the day. I tend to follow that rule for work. This was the case last week when I snapped this photo. The blues and greys.

Any other time I am out and about, it is what my heart desires really.

I will take some more photos as time goes by.

Thanks for reading! If you stack, why not add a photo of your fave arm candy!

—Tasha, UYJ