Just a photo with some of my personal collection. The bracelet with the large beads I made recently. Bought the beads from Bead Weavers store in Christ Church. They had a small lot of mixed beads so this scheme worked out well.

Stacking really is nothing new nor does it take a whole lot of thinking or science behind it. For me, sometimes I pick a bracelet based on colour and my outfit for the day. I tend to follow that rule for work. This was the case last week when I snapped this photo. The blues and greys.

Any other time I am out and about, it is what my heart desires really.

I will take some more photos as time goes by.

Thanks for reading! If you stack, why not add a photo of your fave arm candy!

—Tasha, UYJ


Project: Get to work!

I am not one to rush a project.

I can take a while to decide what I want to do with a string of beads. So often there are just too many ideas and it is very difficult to decide on what theme, components, colour scheme, etc.

You might recall that earlier this month, I blogged on the selection of beads from the Bead Bazaar in Miami, FL.

The next series of posts shows several bracelets made from this lot, catering to both guys and gals.

Unless otherwise indicated, the pieces showcased are on sale at the prices listed.

As usual, I welcome your feedback. Leave me your comments or orders here. Or, email me at

Thank you!!

—Tasha, UYJ

Stack ’em up!

Stackable bracelets are a fave of clients!

This trio includes Magnesite (the largest bead), simple black glass rounds, turquoise gemstones and Swarovski pearls. The large Magnesite adds a different dimension to what would otherwise be simple flow of beads on stretch cord. It is more pronounced on the wrist, giving the impression that the wearer does not mind being a little different, standing out at times, too!

PRICING: Set of (3) three sold for BDS$30/US$15 ea.

—Tasha, UYJ

Stackable bracelets

I simply love to stack bracelets!!

With the exception of the two smallest bead sizes, these were made using a variety of beads and charms on stretch cord. With stackbles, you can play it up or down, add several pops of colour depending on the occasion.

PRICE: Sold in sets of (3) three from BDS$30/US$15 ea. Separate purchasing pricing may vary.