You guessed it! GOLD! This collection features four designs of bracelets – stretch, wrap and multi-strand with toggle clasp.









Interested in purchasing one of these lovely bracelets? It’s easy, just do any of the following: –

  1. Leave me a message on this post;

  2. Send me an email via tasha76d@gmail.com; or,

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Thank you for your interest! It is a pleasure to serve you!


—Tasha, UYJ




Colour Coded -Fun with purple

I read somewhere that it is a little difficult to pin down an exact definition of the colour purple and that there is just not one specific name for the shade we call purple – colours between red and blue on the colour wheel.

As you can see, these three bracelets are surely examples of the above assertion. Not being a colour expert myself, yet very much a lover of the colour purple, these three bracelets are in honour of that majestic colour!





These bracelets are still available for purchase. For further details, please use the form below or contact directly via tasha76d@gmail.com

—Tasha, UYJ


Arm Candy

Hi there!!

Some of the pieces in this collection are still available. It is a small collection as I tend to keep just a few pieces in stock. The photos below give a snapshot of the color scheme and bead texture.

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Teal bracelet and earrings

Continuing the teal trend.

Faceted teal bead separated by deep purple beads, both on the bracelet and the earrings. The bead has hints of a brassy bronze, gold and deep red hues. Quite a beauty! It was easier to use gold ear wires on the earrings and a brass-toned toggle clasp to close the bracelet.

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