Handful of Bracelets | Available for Purchase

This is a beautiful lot of bracelets featuring a variety of radiant beads, intricate designs and fab fashion! The beads are either glass or crystal. One also features fresh water pearls.

Contact me to place your order!

—Tasha, UYJ


Gold accents

Gold accents can certainly lift an outfit or a piece of jewelry. Some persons also choose gold because of the way it complements their skin tone.

For Christmas things appear shinier, brighter and more appealing. For the following pieces I moved out of my comfort zone – I tend to love sterling silver, my skin tone is more toward the cool side.

With the exception of the turquoise faceted gemstones, the other designs are spoken for.

—Tasha, UYJ




Back to Basics


Black and silver are two of my favorite combos. So, I decided to make these two pieces with one memory wire and the other stretch. These pieces are from the 2016 Christmas Bracelets collection.


Banded Agates and silver spacers


Black glass beads, Tibetan spacers and glass beads


See the ladybugs!

These are attractively priced! Contact via tasha76d@gmail.com

—Tasha, UYJ


Glitter magic!


Brightens our lives! These two stackable bracelets comprise faceted agates and crystal beads, paired with gold tube beads. A single jasmine charm hangs effortlessly from one of of the bracelets.

Did I mention? I love turquoise!

Available for Christmas gift from our 2016 Christmas Bracelet collection and affordably priced. Stackables are sold at BDS$30/US$15 each in a set. May be purchased individually for BDS$40/US$20.

—Tasha, UYJ