Carnelian and Turquoise gemstone Statement – Available

Carnelian is one of my favorite stones because of deep colour of the stone. It is earthy, inviting and it can be mixed with several other materials including copper. The turquoise is equally special to me for its calming hue.

This bold necklace is for the adventurous. Simply let this necklace do all the talking when you walk into the room!


Gemstones ought to be cared and not tossed about. So store in a cool, dry area. Apply perfumes and lotions prior to putting on gemstone jewelry.

Interested in purchasing this statement piece?  Use the contact for below or email Gifts will be packaged and ready for you!

—Tasha, UYJ



My final stash

The next set of posts will show all the AVAILABLE pieces. Even though today is designated the final day for custom orders, any of these items can be bought as they are completed pieces.

To make it easier, a contact form is present for each of those posts. It is my first time using them. So, you can declare your interest using that form and I will contact you in return.

Here is one of my favourites made during the week: –





Ok! So I added two! 🙂 🙂

Also bear in mind that Old Year’s/New Year’s is approaching so there will be a few more items added next week as well!

*Remember, the next pieces will be marked AVAILABLE – Ready to be sold as is. Items will be packaged.

—Tasha, UYJ 


Gold accents

Gold accents can certainly lift an outfit or a piece of jewelry. Some persons also choose gold because of the way it complements their skin tone.

For Christmas things appear shinier, brighter and more appealing. For the following pieces I moved out of my comfort zone – I tend to love sterling silver, my skin tone is more toward the cool side.

With the exception of the turquoise faceted gemstones, the other designs are spoken for.

—Tasha, UYJ





These three pairs of earrings comprise a number of different components and move away from the usual silver materials I tend to use. But I always find brass metal and copper refreshing to work with especially on earrings.


Copper and brass metal

These little gems are priced at BDS$35/US$7.50 and make pretty gifts. Earrings will be boxed once ordered.

—Tasha, UYJ

Glitter magic!


Brightens our lives! These two stackable bracelets comprise faceted agates and crystal beads, paired with gold tube beads. A single jasmine charm hangs effortlessly from one of of the bracelets.

Did I mention? I love turquoise!

Available for Christmas gift from our 2016 Christmas Bracelet collection and affordably priced. Stackables are sold at BDS$30/US$15 each in a set. May be purchased individually for BDS$40/US$20.

—Tasha, UYJ